God’s Treasures

We believe that is very important to invest in our toddlers and that from a young age our children should know that they are loved and that they are treasured by their Heavenly Father.

We do this in Gods Treasures by creating a fun environment full of fantastic activities that capture the attention of kids. We facilitate learning through personalising Bible stories, working with puppets, participating in singing worship songs as well as getting the children involved in praying. Our goal is to show the kids that God truly is amazing and exciting.

For more information about God’s Treasures e-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 07525 235049

God’s Treasures Team

“I believe it’s important that from a very young age, that our children have  an opportunity to build a strong foundation through Christ, in God’s word, worship, bible lessons and fun activities.”
-Pastor Fina