Part of sending people for Jesus includes missions, both locally and abroad.  We believe the church exists to ‘reach out’ to people . To bring and show forth the love of God to a those who might not know Him, to those who may be impoverished and hurting, and to those who need to see ‘Good News’ in their lives. At WHBC Bradford we desire to take the love of God to our ‘local communities’ and show it forth in a powerful and practical way.

Local Missions

“Lost people matter to God, so they must matter to us.”-Keith Wright

Our Valentines outreach is designed to reach those who may have been forgotten, or have no one to show them that they are loved. Near the 14th of February we take tulips and a beautifully designed Gospel card into care homes and share God’s love in a practical way with the residents, and more often than not with the dedicated people who care for our elderly. The past few years we have also taken the flowers to the streets of Bradford and have seen such a positive response from people who say that if we were not out giving flowers they would not have received anything.

Beginning on December first every member of WHBC Bradford is encouraged to take part in our 25 Days of Kindness outreach. Each family is given a stack 25 cards, about the size of a business card. These cards have a simple yet powerful Gospel message on the back. People are encouraged to go out and do 25 random acts of kindness leading up to Christmas. Along with these random acts people give the 25 Days card to the recipient.

Along side our two main outreaches we also aim to be consistently street witnessing. We usually spend a few hours out in an area sharing the Gospel one-on-one with people that we meet. This is a great place to stretch your faith and get out of your comfort zone.

We are big believers in short term mission trips. This is because a short term mission trip is almost ‘guaranteed’ to impact your spiritual condition and change your life in a way unlike any other adventure.

These trips challenge you to get out of your comfort zone and enable you to use your skills, gifts and talents to reach out to a world in need. They allow you to be an extension of God’s hands and heart to people in other cultures, that may be quite different from your own. All while developing new and lasting relationships with people you thought you’d never meet, but soon will never forget.

Missions Abroad

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.” -John Stott

Current Trips

This year WHBC Bradford has hooked up with WHBC Manchester for a joint youth missions trip to the Philippines. The team will be helping Philip and Tracy Johnston who have served there for many years. While there the team will be handing out Gospel’s of John, written in the local language, to schools throughout the island of Bohol, along with other ministry opportunities. We are so excited to be able to send a group from our youth in August 2016. We know that it is going to be an incredible life impacting experience for all those who go on this trip.

To send the group from Bradford we need to raise £2,400. The team will be doing fundraisers throughout the year, but if you would like to give a one time gift or support the team monthly please click the button below. Be sure to indicate that you are giving towards Youth Missions.